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Made by Timmy

(I make this myself)

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1. Waaaaaassssabiiiii

What’s in it? Mozzarella cheese, lots of wasabi, smoked nova lox, lettuce, tomatoe, capers, and olives

What should we know? Spread the wasabi thick, with the lox is amazing!

Bread Type? Chibata

Made by Mother\'s Pride

(I make this myself)

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2. Number One

What’s in it? Emmental cheese, Yves Veggie Bologna slices, Hot horseradish sauce or a blob of wasabi

What should we know? It’s sensational, possums

Bread Type? Norlander or nutty stuff is best

Found by Dan

(I bought this sandwich)

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3. ”Friday’s Tuna Wasabi Sandwich” (c) TGIFriday’s Inc.

What’s in it? White Albacore tuna with fresh pineapple, water chestnuts and wasabi on brioche bread with field greens and crispy Chinese noodles

What should we know? This is a fine and tasty sandwich, although I think I’d prefer it on untoasted wheat or light rye. But this is the way they serve it, and it’s one of my favorite things on the Friday’s menu.

Bread Type? brioche

Made by Heather Norman

(I make this myself)

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4. The Munch!

What’s in it? Garlic hummus (thickly spread),
american cheese,
baby spinach,
sliced avocado,
salt, & pepper.

Optional ingredients:
wasabi, grilled portabella mushrooms, sprouts

What should we know? It is called The Munch because my monster(belly) munches it up. I use this sandwich as a base to create different styles of tastiness, its great with toasted bread as well.

Bread Type? multigrain or focaccia bread

Made by Simon Sarni

(I make this myself)

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5. Blow the Man Down

What’s in it? Kipper
Mayonnaise (Hellmans preferred)
Mustard (English) powder or Wasabi
Lemon Juice

What should we know? Cut two thick slices - 3/4 inch.
Butter lightly.

Mix mustard or Wasabi powder with the Mayo, to taste.

Hard part - use very sharp knife to divide the kipper evenly into two fillets.

Place fillets on bread, drizzle with lemon juice, add a generous grind of coarse pepper, top with generous smear of mayo mix, and cover with top slice.

If you’re un-afraid of the wasabi-sinus slam this is a poweful autumn morning restorative. Great if you have to face a day in the North Sea or an early morning kids-parents swim at the local town pool.

At tea time it goes wonderfully with a small glass of malt whisky.

Bread Type? Fresh crusty white, unsliced

Made by Lennie Small

(I make this myself)

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6. The Bunnytender

What’s in it? Tuna
Honey Mustard
Grilled Rabbit
Iceburg Lettuce
Red Lettuce
Lemon juice
Wasabi (for extra flavor)

What should we know? You must dunk the tuna in honey mustard sauce

Bread Type? Rye (toasted)

Made by Tri-shot

(I make this myself)

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7. Mozzarella and Tomato

What’s in it? Sliced Tomato, wasabi mayo, pesto, sliced onion, mozzarella

What should we know? Try it with Tomato Soup! mmmm… I make my own pesto and I use either basil and pine nut pesto or cilantro and walnut pesto. Both yummy.

Bread Type? 12 Grain

Made by Drew Cook

(I make this myself)

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8. Tuna del fuego.

What’s in it? Pretty darn similar to my ”Tuna de Fuego” but more thought out and is my new standard Tuna-fish mod. Tuna salad- mixed to taste. I go easy on the mayo, use diced gherkins, diced celery, a bit of green onion AND sweet onion, w/ salt & pepper to taste. I recommend fresh or alternative types of pepper- I love lemon pepper myself as well as red pepper blends, but I've never gone crazy with them making tuna salad. I'd even jump off a bit and add curry powder or garlic powder. I love curry. If I didn't make tuna salad for other people than just myself, I'd try adding the horseradish to the mix rather than laying it on the bread. Sandwich: Tuna salad- one side, use amply. Horseradish- two options: attempt to spread around on the other bread slice, or just on tuna, best to use creamed or fresh ground horseradish- it's like a paste only almost diced. Better taste and comes in a jar. Or hell, make it yourself if you've got FRESH Horseradish. I haven't done this, but you're welcome to give it a shot. It's your life. Hot Sauce, preferably very hot sauce. Inspired by another tuna sandwich on the project- I tried adding hot sauce- Frank's Red Hot, which works great, but here's what I use now for the Fuego: my favorite is Try Me Brand ”Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Sauce.” It adds good heat without sacrificing taste or getting that nasty vinegar quality. a few dashes (it never pours unless you open it up all the way) over the tuna salad and you're good. Final Option- 1-2 slices of cheese (2 for melt?) I tried Swiss and it worked well enough, but pepperjack or the like might work better. place the slice between the tuna salad and bread, melt it either in a toaster oven or in a microwave. (just the cheese on bread or on tuna salad if the tuna salad isn't FRESH.) If the tuna salad gets anywhere near a week old, you'd best nuke it- cheese or no cheese. I prefer toasting my sandwiches, I haven't done that much with tuna, but it sounds nice- and if the sourdough gets too hard I microwave it next and it melts the cheese more. (making myself hungry) I'm tempted to try the horseradish/habenero(&cheese) combo with JUST a good can of white albacore, and maybe some sweet gherkins cut longwise along the sandwich. If that works well enough for you, let me know. Bumblebee just came out with this divine white albacore in these gold cans…too costly for regular eating or for me using 1 can again for tuna salad. (almost a 3rd of which went to waste in my friend's fridge.)

What should we know? You may serve warm-hot if you want, but especially if you go the Melt or health safe route. put together at your own speed, smush together and enjoy. Expect a burst of flame or at least a plesant burning sensation. The experience may vary with one's taste/tolerance for A. Horseradish which blows up in your nasal passage and B. whatever hot sauce you use- especially Habenero sauce. If you can eat globs of wasabi no problem, then you can stand fresh ground horseradish on a sandwich for sure, but it can overpower -which might be the point with tuna fish salad.

Bread Type? any, favorite still sourdough- mostly used whitewheat.

Made by zachary lustberg

(I make this myself)

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9. the schwarzenagger totalitarian wrap

What’s in it? baked beans roast beef shark wasabi cheddar cheese(optional) corn kernels

Bread Type? pita bread (toasted)

Made by clare

(I make this myself)

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10. seaweed n' peanut butter

What’s in it? sheet of nori (”sushi seaweed”) peanut butter wrap - any flavor - I use whole wheat spread p-butter over entire surface of wrap, rather thinly. lay sheet of nori on top. roll tightly - eat as is or slice like sushi (my preference!)

What should we know? created in late night nothing to eat desperation, but wow it's yummy! I'm sure you could add any number of savory ingredients to make it even better - marmite/vegemite or wasabi come to mind. Maybe even honey to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Bread Type? flat bread ”wrap” (not pita)

Made by Fred

(I make this myself)

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11. This works

What’s in it? Olive oil slices of very red tomato a pinch of salt snippets of young 'red' onion olives stuffed with anchovy left-over roast chicken (or smoked chicken) crumbly bits of blue cheese slices of non-stringy celery wasabi freshly ground black pepper

What should we know? Cut the olives in half if you're feeling fussy and don't want any to slip out the side at the crucial moment. Don't toast to crunchy-breaky point. The veggie version is very fine, too.

Bread Type? A round loaf of fresh white, ripped in two and lightly toasted

Made by greg

(I make this myself)

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12. Gregs potsticker sandwich!

What’s in it? Leftover potstickers, or make them fresh. Lettuce,or radish, as long as it's a cold and cruchy vegetable, mayo, dash of soysauce, dash of wasabi,dash of red soybean paste, or white. If you have leftover tempura use that too.

What should we know? I prefer not to toast the bread, that way you can kind of keep everything inside. Mix the mayo, soysauce, wasabi, soybean paste together. It may take a few times to get your mix to the way you want it.Spread on both sides of bread. Mush your potstickers a little bit, lay on bread slice. Put lettuce, or whatever on. If you have tempura, put it on now. Carefully place top bread slice on. The number of potstickers you wish to use is up to you! You're Welcome!

Bread Type? any whole grain, or...a tortilla!

Made by Brett & Mary

(I make this myself)

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13. Avosabi Club

What’s in it? Avocado, red onions (shallots are an acceptable substitute), romaine lettuce, Wasabi mayonnaise, tomatoes fresh from the garden.

What should we know? This very healthy snack is waistline friendly, contains no tran fat, and is a perfect creamy, yet crisp treat for health minded people.

Bread Type? Any flavorful, hearty wheat, toasted

Made by Meg!

(I make this myself)

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14. Wasabi Beef Goodness

What’s in it? chopped green apples tossed in wasabi (to taste) and a little mayo, a slice of sharp cheddar, sliced roast beef

What should we know? This is my total crowd pleaser. Don't be afraid of the apples, they make the sandwich (just be sure to chop them in small pieces!).

Bread Type? something crusty, but whatever you have will work

Made by Wendy

(I make this myself)

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15. Catch O' Yesterday

What’s in it? Leftover Breaded Fish Fillet (or sticks) Wasabi (or hot sauce) Pickled Ginger Spinich Mild cheese thats good for melting

What should we know? Toast in all in the sandwich maker or in the stove…it's a marriage from both sides of the tracks: trashy frozen fish sticks meet uptown's sushi

Bread Type? Regular Sliced Bread (toasted)

Found by Gen

(I bought this sandwich)

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16. Smoked Salmon and Scallion Tea Sandwiches

What’s in it? 1/4 cup sesame seeds 3/4 pound sliced smoked salmon 1 1/2 teaspoons wasabi powder, mixed with 1 1/2 teaspoons water 1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger 1/4 cup creme fraiche 3/4 pound cream cheese, at room temperature 4 scallions, green parts only, chopped 1/4 cup finely chopped watercress leaves Kosher salt and freshly ground white pepper 24 thin slices white sandwich bread Directions!! In a small skillet, toast the sesame seeds over moderate heat, shaking the pan, until light golden, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a plate and let cool. In a food processor, combine the salmon, wasabi, ginger and creme fraiche and pulse until smooth. Transfer to a bowl. Wipe out the processor. Add the cream cheese, scallions and watercress to the processor and puree until smooth. Season with salt and white pepper. Using a small spatula, spread a scant tablespoon of the scallion cream cheese onto each of 3 slices of bread. Spread a scant tablespoon of the salmon mixture onto each of 2 slices of bread. Stack the bread, beginning and ending with a scallion layer; top the stack with a plain slice of bread and press to close. Repeat with the remaining bread, scallion cream cheese and salmon mixture to form 4 sandwich stacks. Using a sharp serrated knife, trim off the crusts. Cut each sandwich stack in half. Spread scallion cream cheese over the long side of each sandwich half, then dip the long sides into the toasted sesame seeds, pressing to coat. Cut each sandwich half into 4 smaller sandwiches, leaving 1 side coated with sesame seeds. Transfer the sandwiches to a plate and serve. Yield: 32 servings

What should we know? Most of my sandwich recipes are fancy-pants. Check them out anyway.

Bread Type? white sandwich bread

Made by john

(I make this myself)

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17. Sweet Chilly Chicken/Ham Delight

What’s in it? Buttery spread of your choice, Ham/chicken in any form, Iceberg lettuce, Sliced pickled gherkins, Tomatoe & red pepper relish (branstons), Mayo English mustard/wasabi Sushi ginger optional

What should we know? in order 1 sclice of bread followed by spread, sliced gherkins then ham/chicken and lettuce. Get the mayo and relish and mix equal parts together about a tbsp of each then a little mustard or wasabi to taste. Spread this on the other slice and place on top. The sauce does tend to ooze a bit but hey

Bread Type? Hovis Medium cut White

Made by iron

(I make this myself)

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18. tuna wasabi

What’s in it? tuna steak, black mustard seeds, sesame seeds, wasabi, rocket leaves,

What should we know? Coat the tuna steak in wasabi, roll in the mixed seeds, then pan fry on a high, take it easy here, maybe 20 seconds each side, thinly slice and layer over the tortilla in triple fold style, then cover in rocket leaves, fold the base up followed by the left hand side, ( or right if your`e in the southern hemisphere!) then the right side, serve with a herby salad with chopped red chilli, and enjoy!!!

Bread Type? soft flour tortilla (toasted)

Made by trevor alder

(I make this myself)

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19. the perfect tea sandwich

What’s in it? 1. thinly sliced sashimi o-toro marinated overnight in cold oolong tea with maldon salt 2. cold&hard smoked pork belly: brined 36 hours in cold oolong tea, brown sugar and danish viking salt, then slow smoked over almond wood 3. wasabi mayo: made by soaking grated fresh wasabi in champagne vinegar 24 hours, straining and emulsifying egg yolks in the vinegar and whisking in fresh wasabi-infused cream over low heat, allowing it to cool before use 4. iranian gold (or albino) osetra 5. pea shoots and grated fresh wasabi

What should we know? assemble on order from 1. bottom to 5. top. these are tea sandwiches but can be made larger.

Bread Type? very thinly sliched and grilled brioche points

Found by Sam Wichguru

(I bought this sandwich)

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20. Asian Turkey Burger

What’s in it? Approx 2lb ground turkey 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped 1/4 head of napa cabbage, shredded 3 scallions, finely chopped 1 egg white, beaten lightly 1 handfull (6 to 8 leaves) fresh mint, finely chopped 3 tbls soy sauce 1 tsp sesame oil 1 dash course salt 1 dash ground black pepper 3 tbls veggie oil 1/2 cup mayo 2 to 3 tbls grated fresh ginger 2 tsp prepared wasabi Whole wheat hanburger buns, toasted Mix together turkey, bell pepper, cabbage, scallions, egg white, cilantro 2 tbls soy sauce, ginger 1/2 tsp sesami oil, salt and pepper. Mold into patties (approx 6) Heat 2 tbls veggie oil in a skillet over high heat til hot. Reduce heat to medium, add burgers and cook 5 to 6 minutes on each side or until done thru. On the side, mix mayo, wasabi and remaining tsp soy sauce with 1/2 tsp sesame oil. Use on top of finished burger!

What should we know? I love the Sandwich!!

Bread Type? The Best Roll U Can Find (toasted)