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What is the best sandwich? Is it something simple, or do you prefer something more involved? The sandwich project’s aim is to collect the world’s favourite fillings between two pieces of bread.

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These are the last twenty sandwiches added…

The Bacon Taste Explosion • Salami special • Moroccan Mayhem • Special Tuna Cheese Melt • The Leafer • Grilled provolone • Montreal smoked Meat • Dad's special mash sandwich • Marmites' angel • Sausage and BBQ Mayo • Egg and anchovy supreme • The sunday morning • Rejuvinator • Amstelveen • Tuna mayonnaise with apple • Cheese and humous and rocket and stuff • Cottage cheese and peanut butter • Asian Turkey Burger • PC Sandwich • Chicken finger sandwich with bacon and blue cheese mayo.

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Sandwich quiz

This is how you’ve voted on important sandwich issues…

How do you cut your sandwiches?

top to bottom


(61 votes)
left to right


(131 votes)
straight cross


(13 votes)
in an x


(17 votes)
no cuts


(52 votes)

Mayonnaise: your view

I hate the stuff


(25 votes)
I prefer sandwiches without it, but can take it or leave it


(15 votes)
I think it has its place in some sandwiches


(96 votes)
I seem to go through jars rather quickly


(33 votes)
Without mayonnaise I’d find it difficult to stay alive


(44 votes)

Who made the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten?

I did


(88 votes)
My Mum/Dad


(108 votes)
Another family member


(4 votes)
A friend/My partner


(9 votes)
I bought it from a shop/ate it at a restaurant


(76 votes)

Once I’ve chosen my sandwich bread, I

Spread one piece with butter


(163 votes)
Spread both pieces with butter


(370 votes)
Spread one piece with margarine


(71 votes)
Spread both pieces with margarine


(172 votes)
I don’t use butter or margarine on my sandwiches.


(626 votes)

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Random Sandwich

Made by Eric Mattina

(I make this myself)

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The Meaty Cheesey

What’s in it? The first thing you do is to take two pieces of bread. Then put some white american cheese, then roast beef, followed by ham, then bolongna, and then put some pepperoni on. Then spicy brown mustard, in any order!

Bread Type? Does Not Matter