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What is the best sandwich? Is it something simple, or do you prefer something more involved? The sandwich project’s aim is to collect the world’s favourite fillings between two pieces of bread.

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The Elvis

What’s in it? cheddar cheese, bacon bits, mixed herbs, garlic and lots of butter.

What should we know? grate some cheese and pile onto a slice of white bread. then stick some of those dried bacon bits (i think you can get them in the uk) on the cheese. then sprinkle some mixed herbs on top as well. take another slice of white bread and squash it on top. mix up some chopped garlic with some butter and spread it all over the top of the sandwich. flip it over into a heated frying pan. while that side is frying butter the top. fry both sides of the sandwich to a golden brown then eat your way to a heart attack. elvis has left the building!

Bread Type? cheap white (toasted)